In his trademark controversial, eyebrow raising manner, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria posted a message on his social media page threatening to insert a broken beer bottle ‘into’ Mbita lawmaker Millie Odhiambo for insulting the President.

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On his official Facebook account, Moses Kuria on Tuesday night castigated Odhiambo for earlier calling Uhuru Kenyatta “a fake President” who rigged the last election and a “fisi“.

On Tuesday, Millie Odhiambo said, “Uhuru should start packing for his journey back to Gatundu as he is a fake President, as his own backyard is poor. We have come here prepared for death and we are going to Canaan not back to Egypt.”

Moses Kuria, notorious for offensive comments, said Odhiambo had “crossed the red line” and told her to “keep off Parliament.”

He posted in English,

“You have pushed our patience to the end. Last year you got your way through removing your smelly panties to suffocate us with the repugnant stench of your maggot-infested things. Today you have crossed the red line disrespecting the lawful authority of the land. Now no one will have a reason to blame me. Keep away from Parliament. I will insert a broken beer [bottle] deep down that Mbita stinking chieth.”


Kuria is facing three cases on hate speech , incitement to violence and ethnic contempt. One was being heard on Wednesday.

Efforts to reach Kuria for comments on his post were unsuccessful. He however deleted the post from his Facebook page.

Here is the screenshot.

Moses Kuria


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