Michelle Ntalami and Makena

Michelle Ntalami has penned a sweet letter to her BFF Makena Njeri, a journalist who works at BBC on her birthday.

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In the letter, Michelle, the CEO Marini Naturals described Makena as a cheerful friend, hard-working and being supportive.

The two are currently in Ghana to celebrate Makena’s birthday away from home.

@makenanjeri If laughter was currency, I’d owe you forever! 💰😂 You never fail to make me laugh even on the most serious situations! You’re such a happy soul and a free spirit! Many people don’t know you for who you are, but the few who do can attest you’re such a blessing in their life! ♥️⁣

You’ve taught me so much; To be kind, but have your limits. To ride hard for who you love. To go hard for what you want. To level up in all aspects of life without apologies. To never settle for mediocrity. To let never let your past be your detractor but your biggest motivator. To learn from your mistakes. To keep going on adventures. To live your true life fully and never be bothered by others’ opinions. To always be a student of life. To never be too prideful to learn and grow. To keep being good to people whether it’s reciprocated or not. And no matter how bad a situation is, to always find something hilarious to laugh about! 🤣⁣⁣
I’ve seen you glow and grow this year from everything, (and everyone) that was meant to break you and its so beautiful to watch! Thank you for your friendship and all the lessons you teach me! Imma ride hard for you too..we’re forever doing life together! I couldn’t be happier to spend your day with you! Happy Birthday darling! Let’s turn up the heat further in Ghanaaa! Shaaa! 🔥🔥🔥 #BirthdayLove #Friendship ⁣⁣

She concluded by saying,

If we trend again sasa tunaenda Maldives! 🤣🏖

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@d2_ndegwa Let’s get this right; I may accept it, but I will never understand it. ⁣Today was hard. Full church, broken hearts but one thing was certain; love all around.♥️ I will miss you deeply. You going this soon, affirms that God indeed does take back his best work earliest. 😔⁣ ⁣ Thank you for your love. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for 33 years of your beautiful soul. Till I join you, show Heaven what those two left feet are made of. Rest well my newest angel. 🙏🏾♥️⁣ ⁣ @kaburu.patrick @niyati.patel10 @fenamenal @makenanjeri Thank you so much for celebrating @d2_ndegwa with me, for the much that you knew him and loved him for. I love you all.♥️⁣ ⁣ #CelebratingDittow 🌹

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Makena responded to Michelle’s powerful letter and she wrote,

Michelle Michelle…. Your words and wisdom and love they come with always leave me tongue-tied and I have to read them over and over again for the message to sink and just settle in my soul and mind. You have been part of my support system and I have never meant a friend like you who really holds it down. People out here are not riders we have experienced this together. I make mistakes I ain’t perfect but you have taught me to always make sure we resolve our issues so fast because there is no time wasted in a good friendship with long faces and bitterness in our hearts!! What a soul you are 😘. The many strengths you have written for my birthday post wouldn’t have come to life if it wasn’t for the many hours of you encouraging me and reminding me constantly of who I am and how I am not doing anyone a favor by not being myself I will forever love you and be grateful for that. Spending my first ever birthday with you far away from home has been so beautiful and we keep adding more memories to our friendship and discovering our noise-canceling art that just shuts the world out when it’s too noisy or trashy and just ride to good wave!! I know for sure I have a Wholesome friend, a keeper, a rider and my cheerleader. What else would someone want in life. You have changed me for better loved me through the pain and I will forever be your Chargie!! I love you ♥️. Let’s do this birthday justice in Ghana 🇬🇭 Ablablabla 😂. To us launching everything we want to do in the new decade without apologies my love ♥️

Michelle couldn’t hide her joy and she wrote,

Happy Birthday love! King on them forever! 🤴🏾♥️ @makenanjeri.

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