Jalangó and wife

Kiss FM radio host Jalango has declared he will run for the Presidency come 2022. This will make him compete against political giants such as William Ruto.

Others include Mombasa governor Hassan Joho.

During the Morning Kiss, Jalango was dared by his co-host Chito who is currently sitting in for Kamene Goro to vie if he feels he is man enough.

‘I will for Presidency in this country,’ Jalango shared.

To which Chito responded,

‘If you are a man, run.’

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That statement may have hit Jalango hard by making him realize who he is running against, so I doubt if he will run ama itabaki kua ndoto.

Below are some of the reactions to Jalango’s declaration.

iamgideonouma: We are waiting for him
nderituroba: Ama tuchangue Jalango na Otoyo
bonface79079: I will vote you in bro.
kathukimundu7: And I will definitely elect you Jalas!
oliver.towett: Hapo kwa “if you are a man” imenyamazisha Jalas😂
Would Jalango become the President if he vied and who would be the best person to be his running mate?
Ama aendelee tu kumemcee na kutuchekesha kwa radio? After all, Kenyan politics is a very dirty game and I doubt whether he would win.

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