Betty Bayo

Kenyan gospel artiste Betty Bayo has opened up on her battle with depression advising Kenyans to seek help when faced by depression symptoms.

Betty who was married to Pastor Victor Kanyari revealed her struggles on her YouTube channel.

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Speaking about her experience she says

‘Someone might ask if I have ever been depressed and I would say, yes I have.

I knew I was depressed after I attended a wedding only to realize that I had worn slippers. I had not combed my hair nor had I applied lotion on myself.

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

In my mind, I knew that before I left home I had planned on attending a wedding but I did not plan on attending while looking unkempt.’

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Betty went on to add that she has now overcome her depression

‘Thankfully I overcame my depression, with time I will open up on what drove me there in the first place and how I overcame that phase.’

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According to Betty Bayo below are things that might lead one to depression.

Loss of a loved one – It may be the death of a spouse, a child, a friend or even a relative.

Failure – Every time you keep failing in something it is easy to fall into depression.

Bad relationships – This can be in marriage, bad relations between siblings or even at work.

When you are depressed you feel like you are psychologically trapped, a bad relationship is a major cause of depression.

Competing with friends – Some times you may look at people you were studying with and see how good they are doing and feel depressed.

Kanyari vs Betty Bayo
Victor Kanyari vs Betty Bayo

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In conclusion, Betty said that there are six signs to watch out for.

Seclusion – One was to identify if one is depressed is if they want to be secluded all the time, depressed people will always look for a reason to be alone.

When a depressed comes no contact with people they become too paranoid, when people talk and laugh they tend to think they are the topic of discussion.

Even when they are not.

Loss of appetite or increased appetite.

You may increase or reduce weight by noticing.

Lack of sleep.

When one is depressed they may oversleep or under sleep.

Lack of concentration.

A depressed individual gets tired of anything and everything.


Constant fatigue may be a sign of depression.

Lack of the ability to make a decision.

Suicidal thoughts.

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