Adelle Onyango
Adelle Onyango

Love is blind for sure! Adelle is no exception when it comes to this saying.

Men also sweep women off their feet they lose sight of reality and when it finally hits them, there is trouble in paradise, the wake-up call is becomes a tough truth.

Adelle Onyango is one lady who is not shy to talk about her life but her relationship life, is always hush hush.

She opened up and she had a lot to teach the girlchild.

During an interview, Adelle Onyango revealed that she feels like she wasted a lot of her time with her ex’s on her past relationships with a disclaimer that experience is the best teacher.

 “Wow! I wish I knew that I needed to figure out who I was first. I feel like I wasted so much time on the relationships I had then, and this really, is not a dig to my exes, it is just what it is. I wasted a lot of time, but then again, experience is the best teacher. Know thyself, that’s the key to everything.”

Adelle got married in a very simple and private beautiful wedding.

Guys, she wore sneakers as her wedding shoe game, heels are not her cup of tea.

One thing she is very clear about is that she married the love of her life and from social media, you can tell. Always laughing and goofing around.

‘It brings to life mummy’s limitlessness,’ Adelle showcases her new lip line to honour her late mother

When asked about going out of the norm and getting married to someone who is outside her race she was in shock that people still think of life in that light.


“Someone outside my race?” Oh my goodness! Who have you been talking to? And how do you get such information? I do not see it as being with, “Someone outside my race,” because I think we really try and define things, yet we are so much alike. But it’s great. I’m with someone who has an amazing soul.”

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