Jolene Tahidi High

Former Tahidi High actor and Switch TV presenter Jolene Matubia recently left many surprised when she revealed that she uses her urine to wash her face every morning.

Jolene Matubia

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During a recent discussion with her co-hosts Nzula Makosi, Noni Gathoni and Kush Tracey, Matubia made the confession, urging those with ‘bad’ faces to try it. She said:

There is a time I had a breakout and I tried my morning pee, that thing works miracles. Wash your face with morning pee, it works miracles.


Many seemed to have been caught off-guard by her confession and some of the reactions include:

Victor Morning glory just got a whole new meaning

Kinte That’s nasty


Kim Must memorize face! Never kiss!

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Ormandy Dennis Alafu uko hapo ukimkiss kwa forehead… 😂 😂 😂

Kira Kiara I’m selling ma pee 💵

Well, according to research, your morning pee is a natural skin therapy and it helps clear eczema and acne.