Zari Hassan vs Diamond Platnumz vs Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has been opening up about her failed relationship with singer Diamond Platnumz of late.

In a series of interviews she did with local media outlets last week, Hamisa who was in the country bashed her baby daddy Damond Platnumz.

She even claimed that she dumped him because she feels there are good men out there for her.

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In an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva the mother of two revealed that the Salome hit singer had promised to marry her and told her that his Islam faith allowed him up to four wives.

Diamond aliniambia dini yake inaruhusu kuoa wake wane so I was willing to share him with Zari.

Asked if she would have allowed it if she was the singer’s first baby mama she responded

Yeah hata kama ikitokea nimeolewa mke wa kwanza, ikatokea anataka kuongeza mwanamke mwingine am ok with that, nilikuwa tu sawa kwa sababu ni kitu ambacho nimeshakipitia.

Hamisa showered her first baby daddy Majizzo with love saying,

The father of my first child is amazing, generous, humble, and respects people. 

We don’t have anything romantic between us. We have a gorgeous daughter with whom we are co-parenting.

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Not so long ago, the single mother of two deleted photos of the singer from her son’s Instagram account and when asked why she did so yet they’re still co-parenting she said;

kwa sababu hajielewi.

The interview comes barely a month after the singer accused Hamisa of seeking a witchdoctor’s services to compel him to marry her.

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