Tahidi High actor Omosh has said that alcohol addiction almost led him to an early grave. The celebrated actor from Kiambu county had drunk for years.

Speaking during an interview on a vernacular segment dubbed ‘Metha Ya Kagoni’ run by Youtuber Monicah Kangoni, Omosh said,

‘I drunk for years from the 90’s to 2016. I stopped drinking in 2017.

I was ‘walking dead’ I could not even eat, I could not get sleep without drinking. When I woke up I had to drink to be able to function.

Alcohol was my piriton, I had to ‘toa lock.’ I used to shake so badly if I did not drink. I used to drink till I ran out of cash or till I was thrown out.’

‘I was a garbage collector before joining Tahidi High,’ Omosh opens up

Omosh Tahidi

Omosh added,

Since I majorly used to drink at my local pubs, running out of money was not a problem you could ask the ‘madam’ to give me beer on credit.

I used to finish all my cash and leave debts in clubs. 

I knew I would die when I started shaking every time I held something, I went to a bank and I could not even hold a pen. I could not even sign my signature.

I had to go drink a little so that I could function.’

Machachari's Baha
From L-R: Tahidi High’s Omosh, Baha and a relative

Omosh said that he started as a social drinker.

‘I was drinking spirits because my body had become so used to soft beers.

I was a social drinker before I became addicted.

I would go to parties and chill with my mzinga and before long I was hooked.

I had people who helped me and I went to rehab.

I had stayed for three years without taking tea, I hated it.

My son used to eat more food than I could.

He added that his body started swelling.

‘At some point people started telling me that I was becoming healthy, and that my skin looked better, what they did not know is that my body had started swelling.

It’s then that I knew I was looking at my grave.’

His advice to parents is,

‘If you are talented in acting nurture it, as a parent if your child has talent help him/her grow it.’

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