James Ng'ang'a

Pastor Ng’anga has in an interview revealed that he was thrown out of his former church for being popular among the church members.

Ng’ang’a adds that contrary to what people think, he did not call himself a ‘pastor’ people did.

I would pray for people and they would get healed so they started calling me pastor.

With time a letter was written to me  and I was told to go away given I was not a church member at the said church yet people called me  pastor.

‘Nobody can bring me down!’ Shouts Pastor Ng’ang’a

James Nganga
James Nganga with his Lexus LF-570

Ng’ang’a adds,

Out of the, let’s say 80 members, who came to my church, 20/30 were mine.

When I opened my own church I brought along the pastor who officiated our wedding and made him a church leader.

‘Nobody can bring me down!’ Shouts Pastor Ng’ang’a

Ng’ang’a has however had his fair share of drama since he founded his own churches. Weeks ago he was caught ranting and abusing his church elders for disobeying his wife.

Elders from my church started disobeying my wife because she is young. PEOPLE SAID SHE WAS YOUNG AND I ASKED THEM, WAS SHE MEANT TO BRING ME PROFIT?

They said she was young so I asked them if the wife was mine or God’s.

In conclusion he says,

I loved her that way.

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