Everlyn Momanyi is the wife to Grace Masalame’s baby daddy Paul Ndichu. Today, she has taken fans back when she was 24-years-old telling it all about the mistakes she made, lessons she learnt and the challenges she faced.

Paul-Ndichu wedding

She started off by describing how rebellious she was

“Well….it’s TBT 😆😆😆. I think I was like 24 years old here…..ages ago!🤗
Anyway, something I’ve wanted to post for a long time. Lessons we would tell our younger selves. Lol…. I was such a rebel in my own way 😁😁, but I always focused on what I wanted! Still on a journey though. But let’s see…..”

And then shared some of her TBT photos;

Mtoto Tunaye! Wife To Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Is Pregnant

She followed put her life lessons in 23 points;
1. First, I would never change anything. All the ups and downs, mistakes and triumphs, joyful and sad moments have all contributed to the warrior and female you are today. So be proud girl. Everything is a lesson.
2. But ofcourse….there are some things that can always be better….lessons from myself and people close to me.
3. Study as much as you can when young and with energy. When older and life/ responsibilities takes over….it becomes difficult to balance. Yes….we can always say we are super woman. But bottom line…..it’s tough balancing so many things when older. And this is if it what you wish to do; don’t go all the way to Masters or PhD if that’s not what you want. But overall…. studying and having your paper is great; even for your own personal growth.
4. Carnivore and Westlands will still be there when you are older. 😂. My mum used to tell me this when I would run off and act like if I miss Rock night my life will end. Trust me….it will reach a time when your bed by 8 pm with warm milk is your only thought of peace and stepping out at night has to be an extremely important occasion. So yeah….take your time. Clubs aren’t going anywhere. You will party utachoka.
5. Save! Live within your means and always save! Good thing for me , I’ve had this culture. Will never forget queuing for like an hour to just deposit ksh. 470 for the month. But by the time I moved out of my folks, I simply opened my account and fully furnished my house from my own savings; even shocking my folks. But i would have done more. So I encourage people…..save….then spend! That kitty will come through in ways you will never expect!
6. Make your mistakes when young. Take risks. I’m not saying you live reckless….. but do stuff that scares you even with support of your family.7Learn from your mistakes…..don’t wallow in them. You’ll spend 3 years regretting a decision when the world is moving forward. Brush yourself off and move on!
8. Create a foundation for yourself….especially when in campus. Network, Read, Explore where the world is moving to, Think of a career path, Do professional courses, Enhance your skills and hobbies, create positive habits eg exercising . Once you are out of campus….it’s a rat race!And if you are totally clueless, you will find yourself running like a headless Kuku!
9. Learn to forgive yourself….we beat ourselves too much for things that happen around us. Forgive,let go!
10. Forgive others and move on. Grudges and revenge will only be a burden to you.
11. Life is short….do what you love! Now!
12. Learn to enjoy your own company….I love me some alone time. Just breathe and relax….with your own thoughts. Take yourself out for lunch or ice cream or a movie. Enjoy your me time.
13. Give back …. find a way. A home, a school , a hospital. There is a sense of fulfillment in helping those in need. And blessings always come back triple-fold.
14. It’s okay to lose. It’s okay to feel disappointed. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay not to be okay.
15. Keep your circle small….not everyone who is your friend wants the best for you.
16. Everyone will have an opinion. Do you darling!!
17. Spend time with your family..you don’t know how long you have with them.
18. Invest in meaningful relationships…personal and professional.
19. Learn the difference between a friend and someone you know. Who knows when you are deep in happiness or sadness? Who comes for tea at your home? Who do you meet for lunch? Who asks , “are you okay”? . Who knows when you have passed an exam, got a promotion, lost a loved one.There are friends….and there are acquaintances. Count the former, you’ll be lucky to finish fingers on one hand. And that’s the Truth!
20. Don’t second guess every decision you make. Be ready to fail and learn from it. And who said you won’t be successful
21. Choose your battles. Not everything is worth the fight.

22.Fix what you can control…. the other, let go!!! I live on this!!!
23. And finally…. always tell the Lord to order your steps. It’s the only way you will walk on firm ground.

She concluded:

“Hope you enjoyed my read….more like Part 1. And never ever think I portray a saint….think I was the most rebellious kid. 😆.
But guess what, you grow….you mature….most of all, you Change!! It’s the beautiful process called life….living!Ehe….thoughts to your younger self?? 😏”