Doreen Moraa

Doreen Moraa, a Kenyan lady living with HIV/AIDs is one brave lady. She has been using her social media accounts to create awareness about HIV and sharing her life journey, living with the virus.

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At the age of eight, Doreen was diagnosed with Hiv and had a herpes zoster infection the same year. She shared the photo below

Doreen Moraa

The 27-year-old is a fighter and her life experiences have always inspired many.

Allow me to take you back to the year 1998, the year 8 year old me was diagnosed with HIV….. The same year I was struggling with a herpes zoster infection I even lost my eyesight for a while😨On this day I had just left KNH with my parents given very little hope to wait for my 12th birthday which would mean I could get to live a normal life with HIV🙃Growing up with HIV is a struggle kids born with HIV don’t get to share a lot, not to talk about what the parents and guardians taking care of them go through. Throughout the years I have experienced different opportunistic infections all of them painful in their own way but God created a fighter in me he has always been determined that I will use my story for his glory 💪🙏so Incase you want to give up just because you tested positive for HIV, remember I have been fighting that tiny virus since I was a child and I refuse to give power to a small virus that cannot speak.

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Followers of Doreen reacted to her post and reactions incude;

Felicity Kyengo It’s sad but you rose above it all. God has a purpose for you. I love your courage and God loves you more. You are doing a wonderful job encouraging others who have lost hope may God bless you for me.

Maria Mwangi God is indeed faithful Doreen may God give u many more years to see your great-grandkids.

Dukes Henry Indeed you are a beautiful story….. it is sad but again I look at you now I see a very happy cartoon 😂😂😂 you will live long Mum.

Daniel Mailluh You are an inspiration to many .. gospel should continue n educate many

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