DJ Soxxy and wife Ciku

DJ Soxxy’s wife Ciku is unwell. The mother of one has acute tonsils, which she thought were symptoms of coronavirus.

The mother of two went to hospital where she was given medication after seeing a doctor.

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When your 3-year-old (Ethan) tells you, ‘don’t worry mama, you are unwell but I got you’ sweet sleep flows… So yesterday I was almost been admitted because I had acute tonsillitis… Those things are not a joke. I was so sure it’s Corona. The doctors also thought so, because my fever was up the roof, headache, super painful swallowing and talking. I was secluded and doctors came dressed in PPE… After they ruled out all my symptoms. I was sent home with the highest dose of antibiotics and painkillers. I thank God for good health as now I am eating and even walking around. So when Ethan told me he got me despite his tiny body, I felt home in those hands. Lil blessings!’ she posted accompanied by the photos below.

DJ Soxxy's wife
DJ Soxxy’s wife and son Ethan

Her followers sent sweet messages wishing her a quick recovery. Below are their messages,

mary_kaburu 🙊🙊🙊tonsils ain’t a joke..ile fever mtu hupata ni kama ya corona…. But am glad you are ok. Kindly no sweet things, soda,cakes, tea with sugar, yani tuvitu twa sukari n najua uliambiwa hizo zote😝😝😝 another thing, pineapple huamsha tonsils like nonsense

nganga_philgona wooii I know how it feels. ..some few weeks ago I had tonsillitis OMG those things are bad aki alafu nahii corona unajishuku yako yote but thanks God your well mummy.

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nzilanikimani Pole. I also get really bad tonsillitis Aki and they are the worst. Pole sana. Get well soon🙏🏼

caroloyolaii So sorry dear. Quick recovery and strength to you! ❤️

waithira_ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ quick recovery my dear.You are healed by His stripes.He is so cute

njambimuthoni_ Woi polee, tonsils is no joke I experience them too.. quick recovery..God is good you weren’t admitted you’ll be okay.

cathrinevan_ Hey my hubby had them I agree with u it’s not a joke one cannot even swallow food, am glad u are well

amanda_pili I last had them in 2002, I cried… a lady gave me mitishamba, I spewed blood and purs. Since then I had a mild version of tonsillitis but they can make your life a hell. I hear some people have surgery to remove them which isn’t advised nowadays 😩

steffytrevour Quick recovery @ciikuwasoxxy May God Strech his Mighty hand of healing upon you praying for you

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