Wahu Kagwi

Nameless’ wife Wahu Kagwi has left many in tears after sharing a touching past life experience story.

The mother of two for the first time narrated how she was sexually molested by a relative when she was still young.

So when I was nine years old I was sexually molested by my cousin. My mum had left me in his custody. We were in shags (upcountry). He was probably 19 or 20 years old. He touched me very inappropriately and I was angry and while apologising, he said: “sorry, then touch me the way”‘ teary Wahu said in a video she shared on her Instagram account.

She continued;

It still hurts and upsets me when I think about it. My mum was trusting her nephew to take care of her child, she had just gone to pick sukumawiki and of course, you don’t think that your nephew could do that.

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The former secular now gospel artiste said the reason for opening-up was to encourage others to come out and speak up.

I’m saying this because as parents we need to be so watchful, careful, who we let to the space of our homes, children. I think I’m more particularly concerned as a mother of girls. I can’t just let any guy into my house and even entrusting them with somebody. you know just that one innocent act can lead to a lifetime of a young girl growing up with pain, anger, trust issues.

Advising parents out there, she said,

My message is to us as parents, you should just be more hands-on when it comes to caring for our children. Don’t trust anyone because they’re relatives because they’re the worst. most of the people who have been sexualyly molested are young persons and by relatives.

She added;

Create an environment where they can tell you anything however bad, hurtful, they can tell you anything without fear, without wondering if you’re going to be on their side or protect them. Let us not be so quick to trust anybody just because they are friends or relatives.

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