Milly Chebby

Terence Creative and Milly Chebby’s daughter is a fighter. The couple found out their baby had a stomach tumor a few weeks after birth and she underwent two surgeries, which were successful.


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Remembering the day her baby was wheeled to the theatre, Milly shared a touching post thanking God for saving her miracle child.

05/04/2019 At this time I was numb waiting for @millanetai to be wheeled to the theater, my baby had not eaten the all day, she had been crying coz of njaa her last feed was at 7am and this was 2pm she had been booked for 2:30pm but she was wheeled to the theater at 7pm as in the only thing that was keeping me was hope, everytime i see this clips I freeze and thank God for he is a miracle-working God thats why I call Milla Mwihaki Netai A Miracle… After the surgery she was moved to ICU , Milla ate after 24hours, also notice the black neck post-baby @terencecreative Kept it together God bless you at some point i was wondering what was going through his mind, he was still making jokes as in who does that? THANK YOU GOD FOR PRESERVING MY BABY I WILL BRING HER UP IN YOUR WAYS….GLORY TO GOD,’ the YouTuber wrote in part.

She also revealed that since then, her little Princess has never been hospitalized again.


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Chebby’s moving post left many touched and below are reactions from her followers

wambui8364 My God, you are a strong woman 🙏may God keep this miracle forever and ever❤️

cheery_too I don’t want to imagine how you were feeling mummy,seeing your helpless child but you cannot do a thing to help her is the worst thing that can happen to a parent.Milla is a Blessing.A Miracle❤️❤️❤️

bridgetwahu Tough for a parent. God is good

terry_bees Strong woman, is this the same Milla that can’t let people sleep nowadays at night and disarranges everywhere plus she can’t calm when she hears music,oooh God he preserved her to always make you happy mummy, you are an amazing mum to Milla

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wambui.waweru Amen. God is Faithful🙌. And you’re a strong woman for sure❤️❤️. May she grow up to be everything God has destined her to be😊

lydia_nelima Always God is our healer

thrivingsupermama We applaud you for your tenacity. God bless your family.

mchebby @millanetai is a strong girl ☺️

eumburu The strength of a woman / mother is immeasurable. May God continue blessing Mwihaki.

scolashiru Wow! What a great testimony. All Glory to God