Mwanaisha Chidzuga has cleared the air saying that her contract had ended way before the firing of Media Max journalists and she chose to venture into her businesses instead.

“My contract ended on the 1st of November and it was for four years from 2015. I had a decision to renew it or not. So I had already made a decision not to. It’s just a matter of time. For me, life has to go on. There is more to life than just TV. I mean, there is the Internet, Youtube, all these things.”

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“Then I’m always prepared. When one door closes a gate opens fo you. For me, I’m always ready for the next opportunity. For me, it’s no big deal. I’m Okay 2020 will be amazing for the Kenyan woman.”

Mwanaisha said this at the red carpet of the Kalasha Awards where she presented the Best Actor in a film category.

Two police officers arrested after carjacking a taxi in Eastleigh

The Celebrated screen beauty has launched a new platform on Youtube

“I’m launching my own youtube channel called Dada to Dada uncensored. The focus will be about women empowerment, motivation, mentorship and entrepreneurship.”

Talking about the awards, Chidzuga advised;

“There’s a lot of opportunity for Kenyans and upcoming artistes and filmmakers should take advantage of the technology that we have. We need to shoot movies that can showcase what Kenya has to the world. Its a beautiful place to soot movies.”


She says 2019 has been a great year to her and that fans should watch out for 2020

“It was an amazing year. My hospitality business is doing very well and I thank God. I worked for media max for four years and I finally got an opportunity to say thank you and start doing my other things.”

Two police officers arrested after carjacking a taxi in Eastleigh