Days after Wilson Sossion wrote a piece on why boarding schools should be done away with Dr. Njenga Karugia J has narrated his horrible experience.

Njenga who supports Sossion’s sentiments said that he was molested while in boarding school.

Taking to his twitter to share his experience he wrote

‘I will never take my children to boarding school. At Lugulu Boarding Primary School, I was molested.

A knife placed in my bed was removed by another boy who got wind of the plan to harm me. Kakamega High School was better, but still, others suffered.

I still know the guy who molested me and placed a knife in my bed. I confronted him openly on facebook about Lugulu.

By then, he was in the United States. I later went to the US for studies. Not once did I remember him and Lugulu. I was busy studying and travelling across the US.’

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Njenga added that in order to bury the shame the brother of his molester reached out to apologize on his behalf.

‘His brother is the owner of a high-end club in Nairobi. He had seen my bitter post on Facebook.

He wrote me and apologized on behalf of his brother. He had been a witness to how his brother molested me in Lugulu. Tonight, I could activate an Intelligence Bureau, but I am older and wiser.

I am not the kind of soul to use the little power in my hands to cause people trouble. If anything I try to help people whenever I can.’


‘So I forgive him. Life goes on, I am healed ,somehow. Beyond molestation, boarding schools are lonely, mean and sick spaces.’

What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you in boarding school?

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