Just like many teenage girls, Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Celina has had it tough growing up. The Sue and Jonnie actress opened up about how she was kicked out of her mother’s house two years after giving birth to her adorable son.

She told Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central:

‘Yeah I was kicked out but I think the reason she kicked me out is because after my son had turned two years, that’s the time I got into arts, so I couldn’t balance between being a mum and an actress. You know the hours we work on set and then I used to come back the baby has not seen me. My mum is an academician she doesn’t understand arts so she was like what the hell is this.”

Starting off as an extra in the local drama Mother-In-Law, the actress was once required to dance with what her mother termed as ‘indecent’ dressing, causing her to be kicked out.

“I remember the first episode of Mother-In-Law I was an extra, I was dancing in a short skirt. So she was like this is what you are leaving the baby to go dance naked, toka kwa nyumba yangu. I was kicked out. My cousin and I got a house in Maringo so we started off from there. I was so determined to work so hard, take my baby and now start a life. I worked hard and proved to my parents that this is a career and I’m trying to build myself and finally she let me have my son.”

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Last year, she walked down the aisle and married Phillip Karanja in an invites-only colourful wedding.