Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee

Tanzanian artiste Juma Jux has said that like his ex, Vanessa Mdee, he also went through a hard time when their 5-year relationship broke up.

Juma who is in Kenya to promote his new song ‘ Sugua ‘ featuring Diamond said that he had to be strong because he is a man.

‘I was just trying to be strong because there was nothing more we could have done to salvage our relationship.

When she said she had been depressed at some point,I can put myself in her shoes and I am happy that she is now happy.

I may not cry from the outside but we do cry.

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Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee kissing

Jux added that he was suffering from the inside but could not cry after all men are not supposed to cry.

Asked on whether he has any regrets on matters love, Jux said,

‘I don’t have any regrets because I have learnt lessons from everything I have been through.’

Vanessa had opened up on being depressed but did not directly say what got her depressed.

Everyday I tell you about how strong I am.

Today I’ll tell you about how defeated I feel. I’ve cried for hours, I’ve had nothing to eat ( and I love food and there’s plenty available in my house ).

I’ve cancelled every meeting. I’ve sat in darkness curtains shut…

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vanessa Mdee

She added,

I still feel alone and like shit. This is not a cry for attention, this is for you to understand WE ALL GO THROUGH IT.

No shame. You’re allowed to feel everything and be affected by it too… give yourself an allowance.’

Mdee even apologized to her fans, for making them feel that she never went through the down lows in life, and breakups.

“Tomorrow I am going to be back on my bullsh*t and this will just be a low. Life is filled with highs and lows.

sorry If I ever made you feel like I didn’t have these moments and that pressured you into believing that your life wasn’t ‘perfect’. You’re extraordinary,” she said.

Below is Juma Jux’s new song.

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