Akothee hospital

Singer Akothee has revealed that the reason why she was in and out of hospitals in the last three years is because she was in toxic relationships.

At some point, she was rumoured of using hard drugs such as cocaine but she has rubbished the rumours.

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Find out the cause of your many trips to the hospital, I was admitted several times in hospital 2019,2018, and 2017. I thought it was energy burnout, and settled for it. I thought I was working too much no it was not true.  I was in a toxic relationship with toxic people. Too many people around me who needed me more than I needed them. I was being drained both emotionally, spiritually, psychologically & physically 🤦. I depended on people around me to do stuff which after I realised they were not done at all, I would burst out in anger, and for fear of losing them, I would try fix when it’s too later.

👉When I don’t get proper information about my businesses, I panic and get restless
The feeling I had in this bed was kind of some slight depression, I could not sleep at night with a terrible headache, I had panic attacks, I was unable to breathe normally.
👉I would just feel out of energy, out of breath and No sleep.
👉They gave me strong sleeping pills until the doctor had to tell me to sort out my list of concern’s
👉 Please try and check reasons as to why you feel the way you do.
My many trips to the hospital raised eyebrows, people accused me of having a health condition, doing drugs, cocaine & e.t.c . They were eager to know my health status, trust me human beings are funny people.  People are dealing with so much than meets the eye. I LEARNT ON THIS BED THAT YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH,’ she wrote in part.

Akothee hospital


When I came out Alive. I started a new chapter if my life,
Took a pen and a paper
1. I wrote down all my worries
2. People that I feel are draining me
3. Relationships that made me empty after a phone call.
4. Businesses that drove me crazy and I could not control from where I was
5. I decided to bite what I could chew

Life is too short to worry don’t fall a victim of this situation. Know your problems and address them. This year I have not visited the hospital 🙏🙏🙏 By Gods grace, it has been a wonderful year, full of blessings and more opportunity.’

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