Size 8

Born and raised in Kariobangi South in a family of seven, Linet Munyali aka Size 8 beat the odds and became a successful artiste and most sought after artiste in the country.

After completing her form 5-6 studies at Hillcrest International School she was offered a chance to join Manchester University but she couldn’t afford and decided to venture into music.

I used to work hard. Beyonce and Wahu Kagwi were my role models. I would check out Beyonce’s performances and get costumes like hers. If you compare my secular performances and Beyonce’s they were the same,’ she said during her documentary which was aired on NTV Kenya.

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All this time when she was making headlines in the secular industry people were judging her.

They say fame comes with a price and it did.

Immediately I got what I wanted I started slipping into depression. I can never explain it. All that I was a secular artiste I never took alcohol. Naenda kwa bar sina tabu hapo mbele nakunywa pekee yangu, my relationships are not working.I was glowing everywhere but I am not myself. i’m SO UNDER PRESSURE TO perform better than what I used to do or previous performance,’ the mother of two said.


I didn’t have real friends. I started becoming a person I didn’t really like and I remembered that happy girl who was in state house girls so bubby and I missed that girl born again girl – Linet Munyali. I Just miss being loved for Linet and not for size 8.

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She then decided to turn to God and the people she told were her sister Mary and Bien Barasa of Sauti Sol boy band.

“I was so disappointed with her because I’ve never seen someone walk away from money. Ni kama alichukua million 50 akaflush down the toilet,” Bien said.

Size 8 went ahead and got saved and she’s doing good in the gospel industry.

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Her grass to grace story left many touched and reactions include;

mrseedofficial So inspiring GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER @size8reborn

revkathykiuna Awwww so interesting. Told so well. Beautiful story. Keep loving Jesus

prophetesmonicah Such a powerful testimony and a great journey of faith. You are such a powerful woman of God @size8reborn

mwalegladys It was breathtaking ❤️…Zidi kubarikiwa

awuorjuma Such a powerful testimony may you continue to testify more of His goodness😊

isabella6701 It was a touching story.. I love you Linet

isabella6701 It was a touching story.. I love you Linet

medrynekwendo But we thank God for this far He has brought you,manze si ulikuwa umekonda 😂😂and thank goodness u got rid of those red weaves😂😂😂