A photo of Charisma at the hospital last month

Le band member Fidel aka Charisma has been struggling with ulcers for years.

ĹĺlllĺThe singer says it reached a point where he was vomiting a lot and coughing blood.

He told Amina Abdi Rabar;

I’ve had ulcers for around 10 years and the doctors told me I had a perforation, in my pancreas, that means my pancreas was leaking bile juice

Every time I was getting stomach upsets and vomiting and coughing blood and I was wondering why it was happening.

I have to have a lifestyle change and eat  lot of  vegetables

A photo of Charisma at the hospital last month

Early last month, Charisma shared his story in a post that read;

So I have not been 💯 health wise for a while now and in the past month things have gotten worse and it has been a stumbling block for me with regards to my music and a lot of projects that I have been doing so like I have been in and out of hospital but I SHALL BE BETTER GUYS and I shall come out of this stronger than ever!

I still have a couple of hospital dates so I can’t say for sure what the conclusive situation is however I can tell y’all that I’ve had stomach issues since 2009 particularly ulcers but now we are finding out new stuff unfortunately 😒.

It has been hell at times but thank you to everyone for the kind words and well wishes. I can’t respond to each and everyone who has dmed, apped or called me because I am a bit weak at the moment but bless you guys!!

Side note: this is me last night after my endoscopy, this is my sedated face! Still fly ya know?? I felt high as a kite. The nurses said I sang the whole time😂 I guess I am meant to do this aye?
Bless you guys ❤️

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He also rubbished rumours that the group, Le Band has broken up.

We are still making music together. The break was so that we could deal with our own thing. Its not a break up.