Tabby Ndichu

Tabitha Ndichu, sister-in-law to Janet Mbugua, has opened up about her journey with fibroids and the challenges she has gone through.

Tabby is the founder of My Red Is Beautiful and also an advocate for women living with fibroids.

Speaking during Unscripted with Grace Msalame ,Tabitha said,

‘In 2016 September  we had just come from our honeymoon and its then that the symptoms started.

I was having heavy bleeding and very painful cramps.

It sucked because from painful sex to not being able to enjoy my experience as a new bride it crippled my life for me and my husband.

I used to have a 5 day period but when it went to 10 then 14 days I knew there was a problem.

It reached a point I couldn’t sleep’I couldn’t eat and I had to ask for more off days when my menses came.

Tabitha Ndichu founder of #My Red Is Beautiful

Tabitha continued,

In 2017 February I had gone back to lose some weight to balance my hormones and try looking for a baby, I started feeling dizzy.

My trainer suggested I take some water but after that I couldn’t move he had to let me go home.

After that I was diagnosed with Anemia.You always look pregnant and people would constantly ask whether I was pregnant.

Tabitha has symptomatic fibroids meaning that they have grown inside the uterine cavity meaning when the child is trying to grow the fibroids compete for nutrients hence the miscarriages.

I have been pregnant twice the last two years. There are so many misconceptions on fibroids and people need to be educated.

I have missed so many events because I do not leave my house the first five days of my period. People sometimes feel like you are intentionally doing it.

I pray and hope that one day they will understand, its the only thing I can do.

Tabitha adds that she would really want to give her husband a child.

I would do anything to be able to give him that baby but I cannot do it.

I always see how much he loves kids.

The hardest thing to come to terms with is the fact that I might never be able to give my husband a child.

Tabitha Ndichu,sister in law to Janet Mbugua

Tabitha narrated,

I have been to surgery three times and every time I would go home to recover I would get into depression.

I am tired of the pity party, I am tired of being angry at everyone. One day I even asked God to just let me not wake up.

Tabby went on to add that in March this year she had been pregnant but sadly the pregnancy did not go up to term.

‘Not many people know this but in March this year I was pregnant and that gave me some hope.

We kept the news between my husband and I. I can get pregnant but the issue is carrying the pregnancy to term.

Tabitha confesses that at some point she has questioned God.

I was very angry at God especially after my first miscarriage.I could not understand how he could let me go through this.

She added, 

I came from the doctors office and the doctor told me that there were three gestational sacks but they were empty.

My pregnancies turned positive and my HCG levels kept rising but there was nothing.

I was angry, frustrated and confused. I asked God why he would give me the kids then take them away on Mother’s day last year I lost them.

I went into depression.

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Tabitha Ndichu

On how she keeps strong Tabby says that its by God’s grace.

‘God’s grace has been sufficient. My family and my husband have been very supportive.

I have also decided to create the life I would want for myself. Each day I wake up I stand by a mirror and proclaim all the things I can and will do.’ 

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