Gospel artiste Bahati has for the first time spoken out following Peter Blessing’s drama. The EMB Record label Ceo has been grabbing headlines for the wrong reasons of late.


In the last two weeks, he orchestrated for the arrest of Peter Blessing who’s signed under his record label and producer Paulo, his ex-employee.

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Speaking on his YouTube channel, the Mama hit singer accused the 20-year0old artiste for having a roving eye.

…Nilianza mahali issue ya Peter Blessing na wanawake ilianza kuwa serious. He was living with one of the managers called Sylvester and I noticed that ladies around where they were staying were complaining and my dear was he would turn into someone bad,’ he said.

The EMB Ceo narrated how he helped the upcoming singer, claiming he did more than just being a boss.

Vitu nilikuwa namfanyia sio za artiste. Hata Denno hatumlipiangi rent na kumpea pesa ya chakula [Whatever I did for him was beyond. Even for Denno we don’t pay for his rent and food]. We support him musically but for Peter it was a different case,’ he added. 

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Peter, who hails from Taita Taveta county and worked as a watchman after dropping out of school, took nine months to meet Bahati, who at that time was his mentor. Their relationship didn’t last long.

 …Niliogopa, kesho staki kusikia scandal ya mtu ako na mimba [ was afraid he was going to Impregnate women and I didn’t want such a scandal]. For him it was still too early and I sat him down a few times but he denied

The father of four claimed fame had gotten into his [Peter’s] head.

He already has advisors, people know never knew him before. as a parent, the moment I sat him down he denied everything. I’m a man and having a girlfriend isn’t bad if I can treat it as a current-generation parent,’ he said.


It’s risky ukiona mtu anaexchange exchange [It’s risky to see a man exchange women every time]. There’s nothing I fear as teenage pregnancy because it can mess your life. SOmeone can get pregnant and also their are many deadly diseases.

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He went ahead to narrate how he ‘tried’ to help Peter but he wasn’t ‘willing to change’.

My other concern was everyone was complaining about him, claiming fame had gotten into his head. This kid has not struggled, we have struggled. Growing up I didn’t get anyone to give me free studio time, bought for clothes and shoot music videos for free. I used to give him money for food monthly like an employee,’ said.

He explained,

My biggest shock was on Dec ember31 while on stage performing and I saw Peter with a woman backstage. She was holding him tightly but as a man, I decided to keep quiet.

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