Joseph Kinuthia Kamau alias Omosh known for his role in the TV show Tahidi High has opened up on his struggles before he became famous on the screens.

Omosh starred in the high school drama Tahidi High since 2008 when the show was at its peak.

Speaking during an interview with Youtuber Monicah Kagoni, Omosh said,

‘I studied accounts because that is what my dad wanted. I was a bright child that is why I am very creative.

When I joined form one I had joined CU but I would do somethings that got me noticed by the Chairman of the Drama Club.

I think most people usually join CU because of their innocence.’

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Omosh added that after high school he learnt that vitu kwa ground ni different.

‘After High school, I first put acting aside, I then joined college and then joined the Jua Kali sector where I started working. I had even forgotten about acting.

I used to do all sorts of jobs, I used to carry goods for people, I also used to (bonda) iron sheets.’


‘I had a young family and I had to do all manner of jobs.

During that period I also learnt driving and I became a pick up driver. The car I drove was used for garbage collection.

I have really come from far.’

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