jackline mwende

Everyone is intrigued by the story of Jackline Mwende who has emerged after her traumatic domestic violence incident that saw her husband chop off both her hands. She is back again in the headlines talking about the affair she had that led to the brutal attack by her hubby.

Jackline Mwende: Her Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant

Jackline was gifted a house by a German pharmaceutical organization that will serve as her home and that of her unborn child.

She is now a proud owner of not only a two bed roomed house but a fully stocked mini- mart to help her meet her needs. Jackline will also be a beneficiary of a monthly stipend of Sh 25,000 from the same organization.

This follows her  undergoing prosthetic limb surgery last year to assist her regain functional limbs.

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Jackline who has since the incident moved on and is currently expectant clarified that in as much as the experience was painful, she has since forgiven her husband but he should face the full wrath of the law.

She told The Daily Nation newspaper she made an agreement with the baby daddy to help her conceive. At the time, the hubby, Stephen Ngila had left the matrimonial home for three months.

The affair was a one off deal to just get a baby.

“I wanted a child. I was desperate and it was that yearning…and probably the devil too…that made me stray out of my marriage,” she told the paper, “But i did it to save my marriage.”

She added, “It was wrong to do it and I know people will judge me harshly for it, but I am remorseful because I was desperate. Knowing that I am alive today and that I will be a  mother soon is the silver lining in the middle of all the heartache and gloom.”

Her husband who is out on bond is facing murder charges with the hearing set to continue on the 27th this month.

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