Former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya alias Baha has said that he would not want to date a celebrity as it’s too much work and unwanted attention.

According to Baha, he would prefer someone who is a bit laid back. Speaking exclusively to Mpasho Baha said

‘No, I know people say that an artiste should date an artiste or someone in the same field as they are but I would never want to do so.

An artistes life is crazy and hectic and people know me out there so I wouldn’t want more attention.

further some people react differently to attention, wengine ni kulipuka tu.’

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Tyler Mbaya and his fellow actor

He added

‘ I want to settle down soon. between 2014 and 

I want to have babies by 22. I need to know that there is someone I am working for, If I can provide why not ?’

Asked on whether he replies to women who DM him, Baha said

‘I reply to DM’s but it depends on how they approach me.

Some people will see your profile and decide to approach you.

Don’t let that blue tick on my profile make you lower your ego to please me.’


Tyler Mbaya

Talking his relationship with fellow Machachari actor Govi Baha said

‘Govi and I created a great bond and we are very good friends.

I met him while we were acting ‘Makutano Junction two years before we met at Machachari.

We cannot part.

Tyler Mbaya and his friend Govi-mpasho
Tyler Mbaya and his friend Govi

My mum, aunts and uncles are into acting. My brother was also an actor in ‘Junction Juniors’

Omosh who is an actor in Tahidi High is my uncle and he gave me so much advice when I came into acting.’

Baha is working on new projects with the latest being #KamauDiaries where he keeps Kenyans entertained with short and entertaining videos on every day life.

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