Most 10 year olds are not certain of what they want for Christmas but all Shalom Sithole wanted was to spend time with her family but that will never be.

Shalom, her younger sister Shekinah Sithole died alongside their parents after their car caught fire after it was involved in an accident.

The harrowing incident not only robbed Zimbabwe of its citizens but it robbed a child a chance to celebrate many more holidays.

Family of 8 burns to death as car catches fire-photos

Shalom Sithole and Shekeina Sithole
Shalom Sithole and Shekeina-

In a sweet letter shared by her dad, Shalom wrote,

‘Dear mom and dad, All I want for Christmas is to spend time together as a family. Love from Shalom’

Christmas letter from Shalom Sithole

‘There’s no harm in being given money by a woman,’ Mwalimu Kingangi

Godfrey Sithole father to Shalom had praised her daughter for identifying the value of family at such a tender age.

‘Going through messages in the Christmas cards, I came through this moving request from my 8yr old then.

It is when the kids understand the value of family that they write such messages.

Remember when all is gone, you still have family.’

May their families overcome the grief and may they find peace in this trying moment.

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