Simon and Sarah Kabu
Simon and Sarah Kabu

Having a child of your own is a great feeling and many desire to have a child of their own when the right time comes.

But for some, they struggle a lot to get one. Sarah Kabu, the wife of Simon Kabu, the CEO of Bonfire Adventures has revealed that she struggled to get a kid four years after marriage.

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The soft-spoken mother of two while speaking in an interview on YouTube with Hadassa, the founder of Waiting Wombs Trust, she said most of the times they visited upcountry people would ask them about their kids yet they had none.

I waited for four years before I got my first born. Tulikuwa tunaenda ushago (up country) unaskia mtu amewauliza watoto mmewacha wapi? Si hata mtoto! watoto! I Am like you have never heard news tumepata mtoto so how do you start asking, Ametoka wapi?’.

Most women who are waiting to give birth are always stigmatized in the society which leads many into depression.

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Sarah went ahead to reveal that she struggled with infertility and sought medical treatment from ‘every hospital in Nairobi’.

‘The cause of my infertility was fibroids. I had one big fibroid nyuma ya uterus then in it, kulikuwa natudogo tuingi,’ she said.

Sarah and Simon Kabu
Sarah feeding her husband Simon Kabu cake during his birthday after buying him a house in Ol Pejeta

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