Kiss FM morning show presenter Jalango has opened up about his past life.

The comedian said he was heartbroken after most of the people he cleared high school with proceeded to campus and he did not.

Speaking on the during the morning Kiss about when his ‘aha’ moment came along, Jalango said,

‘When I finished form four my dad could not afford school fees.

I used to feel embarrassment as everyone else had gone to Nairobi to join campus. I would sit in the house and cry.

One day I just woke up and said ‘kama mbaya mbaya’.

I had no option, whatever it took I was determined to succeed.’

Jalango has since then gone to become on the most sought after radio personalities.

‘Siezi work na wewe tena!’ Jalango tells Kamene Goro

He has worked with stations such as Kiss FM, Hot96, Milele FM and he runs his own Youtube channel dubbed Jalango TV.

He is also among the highest-paid MCs in Kenya.

Aside from that he runs other businesses and is living a life he could only dream of back in his youth.

Surely hard work pays and the past cannot determine your future.

What are some of the challenges you went through while waiting to join campus?

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