DP William Ruto recently while attending a church service in Dagoretti South constituency talked about his humble beginnings. The veteran politician, who is eyeing the presidential seat come next general election, narrated how he used to pay less than Sh2,000 for rent.

Mimi nikiwa hii Dagoretti South nilikuwa naishi hapa Ngando. Nilikua nalipa rent Sh1,750 hapa Dagoretti.

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He went ahead to explain that he would invite his wife Rachel to Ngando, Dagoretti, where he lived. Ruto also revealed that their first born child Nick was born there.

Nafurahi sana kurudi mahali tulianzia. Hapa Dagoretti hata yule mke wangu Rachel Ruto wakati nilikuwa nazugumza naye nilikuwa namleta hapa.


Mtoto wetu wa kwanza tukampata hapa (Our first child was born here)

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He also talked well of his former landlord saying:

Nakumbuka sana mama ambaye alikuwa na estate hapo alikuwa mama mzuri sana nafikiri nitatafuta nafasi nimtembelee…aliondoka lakini familia yake iko. So tuko na historia kubwa.

Reactions from Kenyans include:

gulf_b Awwwwww what a humble beginning MashaAllah 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

paddymaina Ngando?!. I guess he is talking about the Miri family, one of the daughters was my landlady until 2017.

citymarketyouthgroup His excellency we are with u till our last breath. Salute hustle

Kiniti wa Kinoti Kenya Shillings 1,750 in which year ? if its in 1980s thats around 15000 Kshs today

w.magoti Hustles are real

josh_tesh Those years 1750 was rent for rich guys.


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queens.flipz Sad that people taking politics to church ⛪ and the church is 🤐

jotham Hundreds of thousand are doing that, so it’s not anything significantly special

tomchelule From a humble background

marynyangsi Guys came from far
hamisamwasitty When u hustle till you make it but they still call you arap mashamba

wachirahwangeci when its all said and done i love the DP. the sky is the limit for him🙏❤

winnieanampiu I just love our DP so much no matter what people talk about him, he his so humble

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