Kimani Mbugua

Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua has been criticized heavily after his controversial remarks on Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church.

In a video he shared on his Facebook captioned, ‘SDA is a cult, not a church’, Kimani bashed SDA worshippers, claiming they were brainwashed and need to see light before it ‘s too late. He referred to SDA as a cult and not church.

I was born and raised SDA and now I know SDA is not a Church, SDA is a cult. There was a path for me and I followed it diligently. And I am not saying these things from a point of ignorance, I have read every book and I am willing to sit down with anyone with an open mind,’ he said in a video that has gone viral.

He continued,

I was very deep into it, I was ordained as an elder at the age of 16, a lot of people who went to Karura Adventist knew me as that guy they did not want to interact with because I was so anti-everything.

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The outspoken Kimani Mbugua also confessed that he saw sex before marriage as a sin and never imagined ever getting married.

I was anti-hugging, anti-sex, any kind of sex, I used to hate sex. I could not imagine that one day I would get married and have sex. For you to be an SDA, you have to read a lot. Those guys read a lot.

He further claimed that Christians who worshipped on Sunday were better off than SDA worshippers who go to church on Saturday.

Kimani’s video has gone viral igniting mixed reactions among social media users.

Koi wa Jesus First I would like to say you have great courage for speaking out on this. Second, nobody is sure about the religion he or she follows. We sometimes find ourselves in it by fate. We believe in the bible, the holy book written by humans through the power of the holy spirit. But were we there to see them being inspired by the holy spirit? No. Therefore Let people believe in what they want to believe. And I agree you have the right to your opinion

Nahashon Kimemia Kimani Mbugua did the unthinkable. He questioned Ellen White. If you’ve ever been in religious debate, you’d know at least 3 things. One, never question the Prophet of Allah if the crowd is overwhelmingly Muslim. There’s no guarantee you’ll get home safe.

Living Knight This guy has confirmed just a pinch of what I usually tell Adventists. SDA is not just a mere cult but designed to enslave men and women. It has insiders who lie to men. The devil is working deep within it.

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Stella A. Andagalu This is so unfortunate. I sympathize with this gentleman. If you have raised an Adventist then you know prayer. We need it now more than ever. I am a Roman Catholic but it’s very irresponsible, demeaning and out of taste for Citizen’s Kimani Mbugua to call Seventh-Day Adventist a cult. A cult is a social group with unusual religious or philosophical or spiritual beliefs. Rather false or extreme beliefs.

Philip Kenwood He’s complaining is all about sex, hugging, eating He doesn’t understand anything about being holy in Christ. Investigation judgment starts in house of the Lord Now it has starts with our brother Kimani Mbugua

Don Bsco Ooga Gichana Mainstream Media in Kenyan is continuing to sink low day by day. First, it was on political matters but now on religion that’s a no go zone. Happy Sunday

Wycliff Mogoi Now that you have tasted sex, you can speak like this??

Robert Chris Ojibani Angoi True it’s a cult

Eng Mokogoti Just to remind KIMANI MBUGUA of Citizen TV that he isn’t the first Kenyan Media personality to call SDA Church a cult. Before him there was Esther Arunga. Neither will he be the last. Just like they prayed for her recovery, sincere Adventists will pray for his deliverance

Racheal Ondiek I think while you were an SDA you got caught up in… The whole Ellen G White. Just because u stopped believing in a religion doesn’t mean it’s a cult. You rightfully stopped so move on to what you want to believe in

Nahashon Kimemia Kimani Mbugua, Citizen TV Presenter, says SDA isn’t a church, it’s a cult. SDA members, deep in Ellen White books, say Catholicism isn’t a church, it’s a cult. Catholics, deep in Catholicism, don’t consider SDA a church. They consider SDA confused, not a cult. Interesting times
Thinking face

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Teetotaller My friend Kimani Mbugua has gone haywire and gun blazing on Ellen White. The trajectory you’re taking bro @IamKimaniMbugua
might be detrimental and hazardous to your promising career. After Land, Religion issues are most emotive