Prophetess Monicah is living proof that no situation is permanent. From cleaning dishes where she earned less than a dollar a day, to doing menial jobs to starting her own church, the mother of two is a great example of grass to grace.

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Prophetess Monicah of Prophetic City Church has shared her tough life journey experience to inspire those who’ve lost hope in life. She revealed she will be writing a book soon.

2007 I was in Kibera hosted by a friend, Jimmy was one year old and he was with his grandmother and Bobo back home,we used to walk to town 😭 for vibarua (casual jobs). We could wash utensils in several hotels we were given 50-80 or 100bob on a good day. We found a job after few months at msafiri hotel where we were paid around 250-300bob as waiters. Now I had shifted to mathare in a one room and I had to go for Jimmy now because of the pressure from home of diapers,milk and I couldn’t afford. Now I was paying a woman 20 Bob for day care to look after Jimmy when I go to work. Walking from mathare through mlango kubwa to gikomba then to bus station because bus fare was not enough to and fro. I used the bus in the evening. The money was not enough and I opted to look for another job. Through utali river we would go to muthaiga to look for somewhere we can wash clothes, manicure fences and such jobs. It was better because we were paid 500bob the problem was, the job wasn’t consistent nor guaranteed. So I decided to do hawking along Thika road by then it was not a supper highway. We were hawking 🍌, airtime ,sweets, water and many others things. By then it was 2009. I one day found myself in the church in town because it was raining and I couldn’t afford to have a cup of tea in a hotel. So I attended a service to let the rain go. I got a Prophetic word and that’s how I went back to church after 4 years. I started ministry and that a story of another day. In the year 2011 I started traveling ministry and I traveled in so many nations. 2014 God spoke to me to start ministry in Kenya. I started youths program that was running on Njata TV and a monthly Kesha. In 2017 the prophetic hour was born and in 2020 feb the prophetic city church was established. Did I mention I have 7 employees that I pay salary every month. All glory to God 🙌🙌. In that season so many people despised me,so many people took advantage of me by denying my payments after work, those who said to be my friends threw me out of their houses severally, my small house was locked several times…… to be continued…..

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