Citizen Tv anchor Francis Gachuri says he hustled from the matatu industry to raise money for his school fees.

Born and raised in Banana town in Kiambu county Gachuri said in an interview with life coach Anne Wamuratha, Gachuri said he was raised by a single mother.

‘After High school, I asked one of my uncles to give a job in his matatu and even after joining the university, I did not stop.
He said that being a tout is not easy.
I would work in the matatu industry during the holiday season and that is how I saved some cash for my school fees. My mum plus my uncle would also chip in.

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Francis Gachuri
Citizen TV’s political reporter Francis Gachuri

Gachuri was raised by a single mum.

I know what happened between my mum and dad but my business is to know about my life.
My mum was and is still very strict. Even today when she calls I first have to think if I have done something wrong. The strictness really helped.

He encouraged young men who are being raised by single mothers to always look for mentors and role models.

I have men who are friends that I consult in anything and even now before I do anything, I have to go to them.
There is one who used to challenge me and as his tenant, he used to tell me to work hard and get my own home.
There was also an uncle who was a teacher and as an academic guru, he has challenged me in so much. I will even go back to school to do my PHD because that is what he wants from me.
So my message is that it is always good to look for good role models who have been orderly.

Gachuri joined Citizen TV in 2006.