Bahati and Diana Marua
The couple

On 14, February this year after singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua welcomed a bouncing baby and named her Heaven Bahati.

Before their baby could even turn two weeks, rumors started going viral that the Mama hitmaker had done a secret DNA test ‘because he doubted that the baby was his’.

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This saw the decorated couple trend for days but recently in an interview with Massawe Japanni, they addressed the rumors for the first time.

Diana said;

The worst troll was when bloggers said Bahati did a DNA test for our daughter, Heaven, without my knowledge. I had just had a baby and had healed from postpartum. It was so hard on me when I read such information.

Bahati, on the other hand, revealed that the rumours were unfactual and that he had conducted DNA on the child he sired with another woman and not Diana’s.

The mother of one, who is often trolled and referred to as an old grandma, also talked about her age.

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She said;

I am only two years older than Bahati. In the beginning, it [trolls] used to get to me, but what matters right now is how he takes care of me. He makes me comfortable. He is the head of the house regardless of my age, I respect that boundary. I respect him as a husband.

Last year, when Bahati and Diana hooked up, word went viral that she was 29 but now, she claims she’s two years older than her husband who’s 24. In short, she’s 26 years old.