Esma Platnumz's wedding

Esma Platnumz has said one of the reasons she decided to get married again after her divorce is because there is something she saw in Msizwa.

Esma and Msizwa tied the knot weeks ago in an event filled with pomp and colour.

The mother of two said she had to consider a man who would love her kids and vice versa.

Speaking during an interview on Wasafi TV, the mother of two said

‘I saw something in him.

I have turned down so many marriage offers before Msizwa came along. But I had to consider how he treated my kids.

I stayed with him and realized that he loves kids.

Even when I introduced him to my kids they loved him.’

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Esma said she was so scared that her kids would not accept him but thankfully, things worked out for her.

‘When we were dating I had never taken any man home because I respected my kids.

I did not want to expose them to different men so I only took him when I knew I was ready.

When we went out I would let them drop me outside and then go back home.

I was afraid of how my kids would behave but they loved him.’

Esma is the third wife to Msizwa. According to sources one of his two wives is based in South Africa and the other in Tanzania.

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