Actor Joseph Kinuthia Kamau popularly known as Omosh talks about managing two wives in this financially inept era.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on her Radio Jambo show, Omosh said he is  “a corporal a man who commands the attention of two women”.

At the time he was out of a job and deep in the throes of alcohol addiction, Omosh says his wives never left his side.

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They stuck by him all through rehab to date, even if he is jobless.

“Things were okay, flowing well. I live with one, the other one I visit. I have five children in total and my eldest is 26-years-old.”


“When I had nothing, my friends came through for me and one of my wives sells shirts to make a living.”

He said that the reason his polygamous marriage works is that he fostered trust.

Omosh advised, “If you have a side dish that you trust and you are sure she can make a good wife, take her to the first wife and tell her you love this woman and you want to marry her. But in my family we have a lot of polygamous marriages.”

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A listener asked Omosh, in as much as he has two wives, how sure is he that they are not playing him behind his back?

“Let me tell you, this is all about trust. If you are playing each other out there then you are failing each other and God. here is the truth, you can have one girlfriend and she is playing you with even 5 guys. Trust has to be there because you will not spend every waking hour together, you will go to work and she will too.”

Adding, now that he has been sober since his stint in rehab years ago, Omosh says he is not looking for something to fill that void.

“I’m not looking for a third wife. I have enough and quitting my alcoholism is an achievement enough. I regret getting into partying and taking that first drink. I wish i had a mentor or guardian who would have steered me in the right path.”

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