Kambua Mathu

Gospel artiste Kambua and her husband Jackson Mathu are expecting their second child, barely a year after having their first one.

The heavily pregnant mother has revealed that people have been asking her why she got pregnant so fast after giving birth to her firstborn.  According to her, all her kids are miracles from God and she stated that she doesn’t care about her second child’ gender and whether they’re twins or triplets.

A number of you amazing women have asked me, “Kambua, how can you be so happy about baby #2 when you only recently had #1”? And they ask because they in different ways – and for valid reasons, are struggling to accept their own reality of being pregnant AGAIN in a short span of time. Allow me to say this for starters: When you’ve had to wait in line for even half as long as I did, trust me, your perspective on many things changes. Not to say that I haven’t experienced my own level of anxiety, I have. But can you imagine what it feels like to literally see God change the script on your life? My babies are nothing short of miracles. Only God could do that. So I thank him every day for honoring me this way. It’s for the same reason that I truly don’t care if I get a boy, a girl, twins, triplets…all those are superficial to me. My desire was to have children. Period. Healthy, children,’ she posted.

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She added that;

I know that our stories are different. I’m sorry you are having such a hard time coming to terms with being pregnant again, but I pray that you come around soon enough to enjoy the blessing that you are carrying. I will not guilt you by telling you of the many who’d give anything to be in your shoes; I simply want to hug you with the love of God. I pray for grace, and I pray that God strengthens you. And if you need help, please seek it. You’ve got this mama. You’ve got this. 💛

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