When you see Kambua’s baby-smooth face, just know, it did not come easy.

Kambua has in a candid Instagram post confessed that she battled acne for so long until she tried out her mum’s home remedies.

Kambua who is expectant with her first child says,

 From time to time I’ve talked about my skin which is acne prone. It was a real struggle especially because my acne started AFTER high school 🤦🏾‍♀️.


I tried many, many things, some over the counter, others dermatologist recommended, and nothing seemed to work. I hated the questions and unsolicited advice from people 🙄.

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Kambua adds that such breakouts can really tamper with one’s self esteem.

What eventually worked for me was my mommy’s home remedies. FFWD⏭️ to last year, my skin went crazy on me, again. I was breaking out so bad, for no apparent reason. I must admit, breakouts work a number on your esteem😅.

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KambuaSo one day I was on TV doing what I love, and my friend Gasheri messaged me.

She had seen my face and was wondering if I was willing to try something from @shethnaturals .

I decided to give it a go, especially since her products are natural and don’t have side effects.

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I was started off on: Tumeric Soap (to cleanse), Aloe Vera (to apply before bed), Rose water (as a toner), and Marula Oil (for moisturising).

After using the product/s for a while Kambua’s skin improved. Looking at her today one would never guess she had acne issues, ever.

Friends, my skin began to change🙆🏽‍♀️. These have been my go-to products since. They keep my skin having a good balance of oils. 

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