Kenyan couple

Depression is real. Many are suffering in silence and only a few come out to share their struggle with depression but not a lot is done.

A Kenyan man who goes by the name Frank Munene Manyara on Facebook is still in distress even after posting a suicide note a day ago.

Frank Munene

He wrote a goodbye letter to his wife leaving many in shock and it seems little has been done by his close friends and family. He still needs more counselling.

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Munene has shared yet another heartbreaking post, saying he has given up, everything seems not to be going well with him.

He wrote,

It is well. I tried my best But everything is crashing on me. I got nothing left, I can’t do this anymore. 

The post has again left many with more questions than answers, are our institutions and organizations doing much to help those struggling with depression and mental health?

Who’s going to create awareness about depression if the public has little knowledge of what it is?

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Check out comments from Kenyans;

Nancy Betty He’s God of another chance be strong never give up.

Sambi Mamake Tesh Wenye wanajua huyu jamaa please help out…This is simply depression…Ama mtu anipee namba yake.

Marie Mary Suicide is not a solution, you will only be transferring your sorrows to your loved ones. If you love them, just deal with it while you are alive.

Sindi Morris Prayers works brother. Taking life ain’t the solution to your problems. Remember when you are the end it’s when God starts, joy comes in the morning, my dear bro.

Joan Wanjiku Mwenda May God give you peace of mind… Please don’t think of Committing suicide.

Zipporah Mwangi never lose hope there is always a better tomorrow.

Mwari Wa Njuguna Take heart.. everything will be okay.

Rose Kwambosh After death, do u know how u will leave us n mostly ur wife and family…….. Things change dia u wish 2 die but out there people are very sick and they r dreaming of the future, handsome boy be strong pray hard and keep yourself busy……. It didn’t happen because God has is with you.

Nelly Murega In all the circumstances, Christ remains on the throne and he got you back! Please don’t despair, more grace.

Josephine Gatwiri Mwiti Challenges makes life interesting how u overcome them makes life meaningful, take heart everything will fall into his place.

Kendi Wa Kim Frank trust God…He cares… If possible go to some cool place and trying pouring your heart to God. He will help you out. We need you in this life…and never say you have nothing left…because God is all yours you have Him right next to you… Just talk to Him and you will hear him whisper to u ” it is well”

Patty Crusha God is with you Frank, he loves you more than they hate you, no weapon formed against you will prosper.

Jane Wanjiru Mtambuki Hugs Frank please seek help, you are loved and cherish you are a good person with an outstanding solution don’t give up on yourself so many people look up to you, please see a counsellor.