Kenyan content creator Njugush is a shocked man after learning that he is not the only man whom his wife, Celestine had taken home to meet her parents.

According to Celestine, she had previously ‘taken’ two guys home, where they met her mum.

This she revealed on their YouTube channel. Taking to her husband Njugush she revealed,

‘I took two guys home before you.’

Maina Kageni to Nyashinki celebs who were truck/taxi drivers before fame

A shocked Njugush responded,

‘What ? and why does she treat me like I am the best guy you have taken home? Were they given water after eating?

Maybe your mum has seen so many ‘bad ones’ and she was so happy to see me. If you are my wife’s ex how does it feel now?’

To which Celestine responded,

‘Sometimes we learn from our past ‘mistakes’.

As women we sometimes tend to show our mums our boyfriends.

Be happy that you ended up with me.’ She told Njugush.

Well, Njugush is not bothered after all he is the one who ended up marrying Celestine.

They have a son, Tugi who is a humorous as a kid can be.

Personally, I have never taken any man to my mum for introductions, and I don’t think I will do so any time soon.

I’m still looking for my Mr Right, mkimuona mniambie.

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