Comedian Njugush might have himself to blame if corporates stop working with him.


The witty comedian yesterday annoyed his followers after he posted a video with his wife Celestine Ndinda, which many believed promotes rape.

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In the video, Njugush is forcing his wife to go home with him after taking her on a date, and this portrays women in a bad way. That, they sleep with men after being treated to dinners, movies etc.


Njugush was attacked and he was left with no option but to delete the video which has since gone viral.

Some of the reactions included:

@alewazza254 Njugush’s video was actually ill-informed, meaning he doesn’t quite get how sensitive the issue of consent is…my problem is with the double standards from a section of KOT calling him out, you see the kind of shit they post/rt/do and think to yourself “huyu hawezi nishow any”

__njeri__ Njugush’ video post wasn’t necessary. Those are the ones you record & delete maze. The fact that he had said “if you not okay with it,pole” could have just made him think twice

@kerry_komar At one point we all do mistakes!! It’s very much acceptable. Njugush has done a lot of things positively, he as been continuously cracking our ribs everyday. We thank you Don’t hate him but lets correct him in a right way Hope @BlessedNjugush will collect himself.

He later apologized but his followers are not  yet convinced that indeed he’s sorry.

Kamungah: @Blessednjugush response is a bit arrogant for nothing. Even some of your fans might find what you posted rapey and entitled. Bottom line in a real-life situation what you posted is not safe for a lady. Entertain brother, but also educate.

Deekerubo: I’m not one to gloat, but I told you it wouldn’t last 72 hours. Sasa utanionyesha nini August? So who finally convinced you to take it down, juu zile matusi I faced from your followers hazikuwa chache.

Well, little-known comedian JB Molex, who has been at loggerheads with Njugush of late, has also commented on the popular comedian’s video.

JB Molex recently blasted Njugush claiming that he has been stealing his ideas and morphing them into his own.

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He took to social media to lash out at the comedian and he wrote:

I told you, Whatever happens in the dark will be later revealed. I got insulted from right left and center because i stood up for myself. Someone said i barely have 300 followers, so does that mean i dont have a right to complain. Mwengine😂😂😂 akasema nachekeshaga watu 13 😂.. Its okay.
So he said he is waiting for the next video ndo aibe, haya… Karma has its way of coming back.
There is no doubt you are a funny man, but whenever content is not present, just take a step back, relax and strategize.