Millie Odhiambo

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo has been mocked on social media for being childless.

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The brave leader during an interview with Jeff Koinange on JKLive said,

“I do not have a child myself naturally and should I choose I’ve given myself up to that deadline of December to decide whether or not I want to go through assisted reproduction. If it comes and I haven’t decided I’ll let it pass.”

Fortunately for me God-made me in a very wonderful way. I feel complete with or without a child. I have raised many many children and I have never at one point ever considered myself any less because I don’t have a child. 

She added that,

I’ve met a network of women who don’t have children some who have been divorced even women in the media who have been in touch with me after their relationships failed because they don’t have children. so for the sake of those women I’ve brought assisted reproduction technologies bill that will help those women.

Millie Odhiambo has fervently pushed the reproductive healthcare bill to parliament that also talks about some of the issues women experience healthwise.

whenever we talk about reproductive health care people always think of abortion and its not about that. Jeff if I told you my story about reproductive healthcare you would be astounded so some of it is also very personal to me.

Just like many women around who go through hell during their menstrual periods. Millie said she has gone through reproductive health challenges.

When I was younger and I would have my menses I was always admitted in hospital every single month. I would have severe cramps, blood loss so it was always a very serious terrible journey for me.

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Giving an example of how menses messed her one day, she said,

I went into a meeting once, I walked in and was the first one to arrive and before I knew it I was in a pool of blood. Fortunately, the guy who was chairing the meeting was in the room and I asked him to leave the room little did I know he was a gynecologist.

Talking about the story of a young primary school girl who recently killed herself after her teacher embarrassed her for stained her dress with menses, Millie said,

That was such a terrible thing for the teacher to say. When I talk to girls I tell them your period is part of you and they came from heaven as a package like the way a computer comes with the packages. be proud of it at least you should soil walk proudly.


this thing about making people feel that they are dirty because they have menses is wrong.

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Struggling with menstrual pains, the lawmaker said she visited several hospitals in Kenya and all she was told is that “there is a mass and couldn’t tell me what it was.”

when I went to school in New York then I was told you have fibroids. and guess what every time I went to hospital I was told I’ve aborted every month.

There’s a time when I had started working I went to hospital and the doctor wrote in my document that I had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) yet I wasn’t sexually active.

She didn’t have an idea of what the doctor had written until someone told her.

I went back to hospital and asked the doctor about the diagnosis. The challenges for reproduction as women when you present yourself it Is always presumed that you have a sexually transmitted infection or that you have aborted. reproductive healthcare is not about abortions or that you have done what… it’s our whole spectrum.

The brave politician has developed a thick skin for trolls and she said,

I thank God for the negative things that people say bout me. I thank God for that because he enabled me to go through them so that I can be the voice of those who go through challenges because I am strong. I went through those reproductive challenges I can talk boldly about them.

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