Tedd Josiah

Kenyan music producer and JokaJok founder Tedd Josiah has made a full recovery after weeks of being sick to a point of thinking he would not survive.

Known to many as Baba Jay, Tedd thanked his fans and everyone who has prayed for him adding that it’s been a tough and trying month for him.

‘April started for me with levels of unwell that I’d never felt before & it got to a point i frankly thought I wasn’t coming back from this.
I’d like to thank all those who’ve prayed, loved and supported me through this trying month and season. Sometimes God makes you stop and reminds you who is in charge in a big way!
After my lifestyle change am starting to mend slowly and looking at life in a whole different way.
God bless y’all our IG family and keep u in good health.
We love and appreciate you.

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Tedd is a widower after he lost his wife Reginah Katar thus he takes care of their daughter alone.

Being sick and thinking he might die is every parents worse nightmare as he is the only parent his daughter has.

His recovery makes one more appreciative of good health and the little joys life has to offer.

He has also learned the hard way that we man makes plans but it is God who directs them

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