Msupa S with Tommy
Msupa S with Tommy

Msupa S has had relationship problems with her baby daddy-cum manager Tommy. Well, the rapper has for the first revealed that she has been fighting to get her baby back from the baby daddy.

At first, the Kalenjin rapper was adamant to delve into the touchy subject but when she did, she did not leave any stone unturned.

She told Massawe on Radio Jambo that she was left in shock after she came home from recording her music only to find an empty house, with her boyfriend, her child and the house help all gone.

When she called her man, he accused her of sleeping with other men while she was upcountry. This she says was orchestrated by the mere fact that she could not video chat with her boyfriend due to poor lighting.

Nilienda ku produce my music na nikawacha msichana wa kazi kwa nyumba na baba mtoto, alikuwa anajaribu kuni video call na hakuna stima but he insisted that he wanted to see my face and accused me of having men around me.

Kufika nyumbani sikumpata mtoto kumbe alimpeleka kwa mamake. She said.

Left with no one to fight for her, Msupa S embarked on a journey to reclaim her daughter, but when she brought the two families together, her boyfriend ended up being violent instead of solving issues.

Nimepigania mtoto na tukazungumza na familia na instead of talking alikuwa anajaribu kunichapa na I had to leave.

Msupa S

She says that she never wanted to involve her mother in the whole tussle since she is also fighting her own battles, adding that she is strong enough to deal with it on her own.

However, the whole issue took a toll on her and she even contemplated taking alcohol, smoking and even committing suicide.

Everytime she felt the urge to take her own life, she always remembered her daughter who is her source of strength and a pillar of hope.

I even started thinking about committing suicide, taking alcohol and smoking cigarettes but after I thought of where God had brought me I stopped.

Everytime I thought about killing myself I thought of my child since she is my purpose and decided I will deal with him the way he wants


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