A married city man is worried that his wife might be having an affair with his brother-in-law. He says he is even suspecting that their child was fathered by his brother-in-law.

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Taking to social media, he wrote

I think my wife is sleeping with her blood brother. They have been exchanging nudes on WhatsApp. He sends her his erected penis. Their body language is funny especially when we are all together. For some reason I think their mother is aware. I’m even suspecting I’m the father of our son. I need a DNA test.

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The post has ignited mixed reactions online and below are the comments;

bimpekippy You’re too paranoid. I kiss my brother mouth to mouth. I no my bro 🍆 anywhere. I go naked in front of my brother. I send my brother some nude too. Not my v but some boobs if he’s bored.

quevickky24 Abomination

kay_swis Something is actually going on btw them

i_am_jacinex She is having sex with her brother. You can’t exchange nude with your brother no matter how close you are to him. They have gone so deep. It started when they were much younger. Put hidden camera in your house and you find d evidence.

kingsize_1212 my mind is shattered reading this, is actually heartbreaking, try and get an overwhelming evidence and confront her about it.

mcmonicacfrn his world is not really our own

teeboy4real28 How can brother and sister be sharing nudes, that’s absolute nonsense😢
julietclothier I support please do the DNA test but this right here sounds UNBELIEVABLE like what ?? JESUS

gbadecares It is a complicated issue. First, get your facts very well, have solid proof before you established your case, believe me with what you have seen both are fucking each other.bros she can poison you in the future if you are staying in the way.