Esther Arunga was the envy of the town back then.

She broke necks whenever she stepped out and left us glued to the TV while presenting news. Her smile alone could make you fall in love with her.

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At the peak of her career, Arunga who was set to marry her longtime boyfriend, popular events organiser Wilson Maloba in 2010 April after dating for quite a while, lost her way.

She dumped Maloba citing infidelity as the main cause of their break up only to get married to Quincy Timberlake, in March the same year.

According to Maloba, the two met through a social forum christened CINEMA (Christians In Entertainment and Media) that brought together Christians in the showbiz industry, where Joseph Hellon of Finger of God church was the admin.

The lad has spoken up for the first time after the breakup and says he was left heartbroken. In an interview with Sde, he narrated how he went down businesswise and suffered depression.

Well here is part of the interview

How was your relationship in the few months you were together?

“It was awkward. I found myself texting and calling most of the time. I remember telling my friend that there was an emotional disconnect between us. She met my mother at some point and they got along very well. My mother liked her, but she claimed there was something wrong with her spirit, but could not exactly point a finger to it.”

So what went wrong?

“Quincy Timberlake! The man who claimed to be connected to Obama and Tony Blair. Esther had told me earlier that Quincy was pestering her. When I finally met him, I was disappointed. I expected a lot more from him. His grooming was pathetic. He said that he had a hotel in the Bahamas and that he would give us complimentary accommodation for our honeymoon. Esther and I both agreed that he was a fake. Our close friends did not fall for it either.”

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Was that the end of you and Esther Arunga?

“It was the beginning. One evening, I got a text from the pastor telling me I was no longer part of the church because I was a freemason. That did not really bother me, but I knew I had to get my fiancée out of that house. I called her and she promised to call me back.

She did, but I didn’t want to burden her with my problems then. Esther then sent me a text saying she couldn’t wait to become Mrs Malaba! That night, I had a dream that I would be separated from Esther Arunga. The following morning when I tried calling her, she wasn’t picking my calls. Later, she sent a text accusing me of adultery and asked me to stop calling her.”

How did the breakup affect you?

“It affected me a great deal, especially after the media started writing about it. I lost many businesses since no one was willing to work with me. I used to lock myself in my house. At some point, I moved to another neighbourhood.

I tried running my company through my employees, but it just couldn’t work. I was ruined and out of business for one year, surviving only on the money I had made from previous projects…

The devastated Maloba later picked himself up and God blessed him with a beautiful wife. They have a child together.

“One day, I met pastor David Mathu at Java. He sat me down and made me understand that God has a reason for everything. I also met my wife, a former model, who worked for me before she moved to Boston.

We dated for two years before tying the knot last year. I know her very well and I must admit she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t take such blessings for granted. It’s not easy to get a humble and understanding woman these days.

She is very simple and has been supportive even in the past three years as I worked on rebuilding my company. Looking back, I think marrying Esther would have been a great mistake.”

On the other hand, life hasn’t been easy for Esther Arunga and her lover Quincy, who relocated to Australia and Maloba says he’s ‘sorry she has to go through such grief’ before adding;

“My relationship with Esther is over and I’d rather not be asked to comment on her life. She is no longer a part of my life. It’s annoying that people still call and send me links to update me on her life.”

This story first appeared on Sde.

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