Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale’s sons narrowly escaped death on Sunday after their vehicle was involved in an accident at Kaimosi.

The vehicle, which had veered off the road, hit a banana tree before it landed safely by the roadside.

“My wives and I thank God for saving our four children in this afternoon’s accident at Kaimosi,” Khalwale Tweeted, “Kudos my brave son Tigana for controlling the car.”

Sources claim that the politician’s son was driving the car accompanied by his three siblings Sonister Khalwale, Zinzi Khalwale and Viviene Khalwale.

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Here is the car after the freak accident that saw the rich kids life get spared.

Kenyans reacted to the shocking news, some is a conventional manner, while others…read through!

Tom Bwana: Children – 4 and one is named as Tigana
Wives – number unknown.
Verdict – honest man. No man names all his property.

Kinyua Abala: Thank God that HE is always watching over us. Just spoke to Zinzi thought she was in the car too. God is great. @KBonimtetezi

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Edduh_edduh: Unapokaribia ufuo wa bahari ndio mawimbi huzidi Omwami. We are almost there Sir ndio mawimbi yanazidi. Thank God they are safe

Job Omuse: Pole sana.Thank God they are well. By the way u have many wives or what do you mean Mtetezi-just being curious? then you are a real Imboko!

Elijah Mutua: Canaan lazima tufike

Tiras Waiyaki: God is great. Have them checked for internal injuries. Our roads are pure madness. It shall be well!

@JuliusMmasi: God is great mheshimiwa..No weapon from the devil against you will prosper….the Angel of God will protect you.

@mark4grace: Mheshimiwa you’re protected take a moment to give thanx.

@Stevemuteti6: Its not your brave son who controlled the car but the almighty God..

@chriskanugi: Oh my pole sana Boni. God was in control. Hope no casualties. Surely the driver deserves a standing ovation

@arapkuli: The weather seems to be quite foggy.. But Mhesh Nunua Subaru outback or the Toyota Prado.. They are very stable then keep the tires new

@Aalenga: Pole sana khotsa. Hapo kaimosi near that river hua a blackspot shukuru mungu kwa uhai

@kazee_mzee: Glory be to God and thanks to God for controlling the wheel not your son, in such case your always self less.

@Kamanja_Jnr: I don’t know why I read your sons name as ‘tiga wana’. Sorry.