Joe Mwangi

Gymnast and acrobat Wendy Waeni’s former manager Joe Mwangi has defended himself again for the second time.

This is after Wendy and her mother accused him of being a rogue manager.

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Mwangi has denied that he had ever traveled out of the country with Wendy. During an interview with Chipukeezy, his passport showed that he had only traveled to Rwanda and nowhere else. Did he use his old passport just to fool Kenyans?

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The 14-year-old has traveled across the world and sometimes back, she traveled to Rwanda to perform for President Kagame.

Kagame gave Waeni’s mother Sh 500,000 and as a manager to her daughter (by then), she gave me Sh100,000. It was a token from the president and he told her to start a business.

Joe added that Wendy hasn’t performed for quite a while

The last time she performed was two years ago, so where is this money [they are talking about] supposed to come from? As an artist, you only get paid when you perform.

Citizen TV highlighted Wendy’s poor living conditions despite being a star and attending one of the top national schools in the city. The form one student also revealed that Interior CS Fred Matiang’i was the one who pays her school fees.

Joe Mwangi

But Joe Mwangi gave a contradicting statement.

I gave Wendy’s mother Sh100,000 in December last year from my own pocket and told her to keep it for her daughter’s school fees (January 2019).

On the 6th, Wendy texted me asking me when she was going to join High School because the deadline was 8th.

He said the young girl told her that her mother didn’t have money to take her to school. The rogue manager accused the acrobat’s mother of misusing the cash he had given her.

Wendy’s mother is an alcoholic.

Mwangi went ahead to narrate how he ‘managed’ to take Wendy to school.

I texted President Uhuru at midnight and told him about Wendy’s issue of lacking school fees.


The following day, CS Matiang’i called the principal of St Georges Girls and told her to admit Wendy and later he paid the school fees which was SHh53,000.

Joe Mwangi

Chipukeezy was shocked by Joe’s revelations and when asked his motive of the interview, he said.

Walinisukuma [They forced me to] so I have a right of reply. Wendy’s mother misused her daughter’s money then they’re using me as a scapegoat. They need help but are looking for it in the wrong way.

Mwangi said he is the one who picked Wendy from school after closing day and even bought her clothes she wore to the interview with Jeff Koinange.

She stayed at my house for two days before she left on Monday to her mom’s place.

Mwangi also said that Matiang’i only pays three-quarters of the school fees.

Last month Wendy had arrears and was to be sent home for the balance. Her mother texted me and I went out of my way to sell my TV set.

After he was exposed on JKL, Mwangi deactivated Waeni’s Instagram account

After the show, I texted her mother and told her to meet me so that I could hand over everything concerning Wendy to her, but she never replied.

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He further said that the whole story had nothing to do with money but because of a phone.

It’s because of a message I sent to her mother telling her not to give Wendy a phone. I took her phone because of some things she was doing with the phone. Her mother didn’t like the idea and I told her if she insisted that her daughter should have a phone, I would buy her an ordinary phone without internet (kabambe).

Joe Mwangi
Message Joe sent to Waeni’s mum

Joe also said that Waeni’s mother was planning things without his knowledge, like the trip to Germany and if things didn’t go the way she wanted, she would look for him.

Mwangi dodged serious questions and he concluded by saying,

Wendy needs guidance & counseling and not financial help.

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