David Wonder

Gospel singer David Wonder has for the first time opened up on why he left Bahati’s EMB record label. In a candid interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the talented artiste said:

It got to a point I decided it was better for me to leave. EMB helped me grow and I’m really thankful to EMB family.

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The artiste, who is set to release a song later today Watashangaaa, said he was working independently. He admitted that most of the stories going around are true but afew aren’t.

Responding to rumours that Bahati never paid artistes signed his label, he said:

Rumours will always be rumours. What I can is EMB played their part. I was treated the way I was supposed to.

A close source told Mpasho.co.ke that David Wonder was living in abject poverty, struggling to make ends meet, while Bahati lives large. The singer responded saying:

To be honest, EMB played their part but I don’t think they were in a position to provide everything from A-Z. So if I was struggling or not as people say, then it was all on me, you can’t blame someone for your struggles.

He adds:

Struggling is normal, it’s part of life.

He also admitted that his contract with Bahati’s EMB was extended to 10 years

The Kumbuka hitmaker also told Mpasho that there’s a point he sunk into depression. How did he overcome it?

I prayed and still pray a lot even now. My bishop and some individuals in the industry who I wouldn’t mention for now helped me during this period.

He said the biggest lesson he has learnt after exiting EMB is

Never to rush things. Take time in decision making and even before talking, and I don’t regret.

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When asked if he’s still in good terms with Bahati and the last time they talked, he said:

A month ago after he shared a post on social media which touched me, and I texted him telling sorry, in case I ever wronged him but he didn’t respond.

He added:

So on this specific day, I didn’t feel anything because this wasn’t the first time he wasn’t responding to my texts. Even when we were still in good terms he would ignore my texts.

He concluded by saying:

I don’t want to dwell in the past.

Here is the video