Betty Bayo

Pastor Kanyari’s estranged wife Betty Bayo seems to have gone through depression at some point in life.

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The mother of two, shared a post, inviting women to share their depression stories.

Have you ever gone through depression ..what caused the depression, how did you realised you sick, how did you overcome …,share your story you might be saving someone’s life,’ she wrote.

Some of those who’ve gone through depression shared their stories while others said that they can’t talk about it publicly. Many, who struggle with depression rarely talk about fear to share their stories for fear of being stigmatized.

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Below are some of the touching stories Kenyans shared,

mumaustine My pain was too much that I felt like I am losing it slowly by slowly.. Anger lever was very high and uncontrollable but I decided to let go since even if I lost it or die my kids will be left suffering. For them, I had to fight to overcome.

candykokib I felt suicidal like it was the easiest way out… wanting to be alone and deep in thoughts that solved nothing

njoroge.dubia Didn’t know until someone asked me, siku hizi umeamuwa kwenda slim possible ama, was becoming thin by thin every day. In house was becoming quite, kids could come to play with me but was not responding, at times they ask…. Baba umechoka sana, pole….. I withdraw from my friends, sitaki kusubuliwa ama kumeet na wao

njeri_karoy Some of us we rather keep our story to ourselves. It’s painful. I am afraid of telling people

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nashonmaina Very few can talk about it coz of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding it,😢,wenye wamepata stress ya siku mbili unaskia akisema ako na depression,,😮a depressed person knows what rapture is